Thunder on the ridge 2018

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thunder on the ridge 2018

Haines City's Thunder On The Ridge, Haines City, FL. We had Awesome Time we was there February23, the music what's perfect we enjoyed ourself.

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I visited Thunder Ridge on the weekend before Presidents Day, so of course it was crowded They charge Conveyor belt let kids easily move back to the gentle slope during training. My 6 yr old was so eager to go on the slopes after the morning lesson and can't wait to go back next weekend. While the facility is ok and we found the little thunder practice area to be very useful. The way that ski area is run is very inefficient. We went on a long weekend and took us 30 mins to get rentals and the kids area is a long walk from the club house.

We love skiing! Since it is the holiday weekend, we thought that it would be better to go later in the day and avoid the crowds. Thunder Ridge is the closest ski center near our house and since it was the first session of the year we wanted to start out slowly. Luckily the Ski Haus is right down the road and were great about changing the boot to a more comfortable one. No hassle and got a boot which was much more comfortable for him. Overall the skiing conditions were not bad. The sky was full of fluffy white clouds, there was a light breeze and good temperatures.

6 yrs old ski school - Thunder Ridge Ski Resort

But even now I know that whatever you ask from God, God will give. I had chosen this piece of music for my brother, Ryan. -


Storming of Thunder Ridge




Skiing at Thunder Ridge Looking forward to 2019!





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    The Storming of Thunder Ridge Climb Mountains

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