King county metro bus routes

List of King County Metro bus routes

king county metro bus routes

Route list. Showing of routes | See all routes. RapidRide A Line - Federal Way TC to Tukwila International Blvd Link Station (includes.

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This is a list of current routes operated by the mass transit agency King County Metro in the Greater Seattle area. It includes routes directly operated by the agency, routes operated by contractors and routes operated by King County Metro under contract with another agency. Routes are organized by route number or letters in the case of RapidRide. Discontinued routes and former versions of existing routes are not listed. King County Metro's RapidRide lines are designated by letters.

The decision reflects confidence that the area will avoid a refreezing of the pavement, and that city, county and state crews can plow or salt major roadways if needed. Switzer also said people can find out more by texting a bus stop identification number to to find out whether buses are headed to the stop or canceled. On Tuesday, Metro decided to begin ramping back up toward full service, which is expected to resume by Friday.
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I-90 bus routes could be eliminated in 2023

King County Metro Bus Routes

Buses are permanently moving out of the transit tunnel onto surface streets due to the current expansion of the Washington State Convention Center and to continue preparing the tunnel for the increase in Link light rail service in the coming years. On the north end of the tunnel, convention center construction has progressed far enough where buses can no longer travel through the exit pathway Metro has been using since last August. Meanwhile, on the south entry to the tunnel, Sound Transit is readying the facility for light rail expansions in Which routes are being moved from the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel to surface streets? Which surface streets? Metro routes 41, 74, , , , and Sound Transit Express Route will begin operating on surface streets starting on March 23, These are the new northbound NB and southbound SB pathways for the routes that are shifting out of the tunnel.

Text for departures At or on your way to your stop, text your transit stop ID to to find out when the next transit service is scheduled at your stop. UW Husky Football. Sounders FC match. Ride2 Eastgate service does not operate on Labor Day. Ride2 West Seattle service operates on Labor Day. Via to Transit Southeast Seattle service operates according to Sunday hours.

So Ibrahim reluctantly arrived car-free in the booming tech capital. He had no choice: The recent college graduate had accepted a job as an Amazon software engineer. Since , the fastest-growing city in the country has added nearly a quarter million jobs thanks in considerable part to Amazon , and has grown in population by more than 15 percent since Remarkably, though, Seattle has not gained more cars in its most congested areas. The number of commuters driving private vehicles downtown has declined by 10 percent since , even as new residents and workers have spiked. By and large, new arrivals are instead choosing to ride the bus. Meanwhile, bus popularity is plummeting in most major cities.

It is the eighth-largest transit bus agency in the United States, carrying an average of , passengers each weekday on routes. Metro employs 2, full-time and part-time operators and operates 1, buses. It began operations on January 1, , but can trace its roots to the Seattle Transit System , founded in , and Overlake Transit Service, a private operator founded in to serve the Eastside. Metro is also contracted to operate and maintain Sound Transit 's Central Link light rail line and eight of the agency's Sound Transit Express bus routes along with the Seattle Streetcar lines owned by the City of Seattle. Metro's services include electric trolleybuses in Seattle, RapidRide enhanced buses on six lines, commuter routes along the regional freeway system, dial-a-ride routes, paratransit services, and overnight buses.



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    The most convenient route to the stops is to take the walkway through the north end of the fourth floor of the Airport Parking Garage to the Sound Transit Link Light Rail Station and exit to International Boulevard.

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