2016 honda crv oil change

Oil & Filter Change Honda CR-V (2012-2016)

2016 honda crv oil change

Jan 9, CRV Oil Change Question - So, I have a CRV. Have owned it only 3 months , but already have miles on it. Drive it long distances.

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So, I have a CRV. Have owned it only 3 months, but already have 10, miles on it. Drive it long distances weekly. I got the oil changed at 5, miles, per recommendation. But, that was about a month-and-a-half ago. It is now "due" for another oil change, according to mileage. Any recommendations?

Nov 7, oil change frequency - I have 13K miles on my CRV, and my last oil change was at miles. Does it need to be changed now?.
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Most of us probably know the old rule of thumb — your car needs an oil change every 3, miles. However, times have changed! So how often do you really need an oil change? Our service center has the answers! If your car is newer, the old 3,mile rule is almost definitely out of date.

Schedule Service. To make sure that your Honda CR-V runs efficiently and lasts for a long time, you need to keep up with your factory-recommended maintenance schedule. We list the service intervals by mileage because time can be difficult to track since every driver is unique and drives varying distances on a regular basis. Also, each service interval should be repeated every time you hit that mileage. Keeping up with these services is crucial, but finding the right place to have these services performed is equally important. Drivers in the Centennial and Aurora area have taken their cars to the Honda service center at Mile High Honda to ensure that they run efficiently.

Honda City helped make these videos. We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car. This video shows you how to change the oil and oil filter in your Honda CR-V. When you change your own oil, you know that you are putting quality oil in your CR-V and that the filter is being changed too. Most importantly, you get a chance to look around under your CR-V for potential trouble spots. This video shows you the location of your oil drain plug, oil filter, oil fill cap and dipstick in addition to the steps needed to change the oil and filter in your CR-V.

CRV Oil Change Question

I have 13K miles on my CRV, and my last oil change was at miles., Privacy Terms. Time: 0.


Privacy Terms. Time: 0. Quick links. Oil Change Advice Honda CR-V Questions on how we spend our money and our time - consumer goods and services, home and vehicle, leisure and recreational activities. I asked her to get the oil changed and the dealer service department said wait until the light goes on. She drives very little miles so far but also besides milage isn't there a time when oil starts to break down? Thanks in advance for the advice.



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