Unfriended dark web alternate ending

Does 'Unfriended: Dark Web' Have 2 Endings? The Cast Told Us What They Know (Update: It Does)

unfriended dark web alternate ending

Two moviegoers subjected themselves to multiple screenings of the new horror film (and immense trauma) in order to see its alternate ending.

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Unfriended: Dark Web is a American horror film written and directed by Stephen Susco in his directorial debut. Matias O'Brien is working on a new laptop he has acquired, originally belonging to someone named Norah C. He begins working on Papaya, an app he is making for his deaf girlfriend Amaya: the app listens to the user's voice and posts their words on the screen. However, Amaya is upset because the app only makes it convenient for her to understand him, but not for him to understand her. Matias keeps getting messages for Norah from someone named Erica. He gets on a Skype video call with his friends - tech wiz Damon, conspiracy theorist and YouTube -personality AJ, DJ Lexx, and couple Serena and Nari - and becomes frustrated with the computer constantly freezing up.

Toggle navigation Menu. Unfriended: Dark Web The film Unfriended released in was a pretty banal ghost story in which a bunch of generic teenagers are taken to task for their past sins in the matter of a bullied girl who committed suicide. It would be almost insufferably generic and forgettable, except for one very important thing: the entire film plays out in the form of a real-time screenshot of the laptop of one of the teens, as they all start to work out what the hell is going on in a group Skype call. It is an ingenious way of assembling a film about the modern age, not least because of how much data the film gives us that we never, ever use: open tabs, Spotify playlists, the names of files that are never opened. And of course, anybody trying to do this as a horror film was instantly going to be hit with the accusation "yes, but that's just a rip-off of Unfriended ".

Y ou may have to see Unfriended: Dark Web twice to get the full experience.
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Underneath that is the deep web, the dark web, and that's where a lot of the danger lies. Susco leans into that with Unfriended: Dark Web , in which spoiler alert a group of malicious hackers on the Silk Road toy with the innocents they lure down to their level. And by toy with, we mean manipulate, terrify, and kill. Prior to the film's release in theaters, Susco chatted with SYFY WIRE about the film's alternate endings since you can see two different versions in theaters, a marketing choice he wasn't involved with , the post-production process, and what happened to all the Bitcoin. Can we clear up this business about the alternate ending? Indiewire reported , based on a projectionist's tweet, that this movie has two different endings , based on which theater you see it in.



New horror film Unfriended: Dark Web screens randomly with two completely different endings


If You Go See ‘Unfriended: Dark Web,’ There’s No Telling Which Ending You’ll Get






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    For the last few years, films have been obsessed with mid and post-credit scenes, but Unfriended: Dark Web is trying something different.

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