Brewers fan behind home plate

Milwaukee Brewers fans DISTRACTED by woman in the crowd behind home plate

brewers fan behind home plate

The Woman in the yellow shirt behind home plate at the Brewer game


In the midst of the best season in franchise history, somehow a suburban mother has become the face of the Milwaukee Brewers. The woman you see above is Amy Williams of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Brewer fans, notoriously among the more active message board posters, have taken note as well with one posting the following:. So who exactly is Amy Williams? So big in fact that she reportedly has a single season ticket and makes the hour and a half commute from Oshkosh to Milwaukee for every Brewers home game. I love Miller Park. I love to dance.

We dispatched the I-Team yesterday to solve the mystery of the lady who sits behind home plate at many Milwaukee Brewers games. A reader wanted to know who she was, presumably so she could spread her joy and Brewers fandom with the world at large. Well, it turns out there wasn't much of a mystery. Her name is Amy. She is from Oshkosh. Single seat to games.

I'm Amy and I belong to the Church of Baseball. I believe that Miller Park is a sanctuary where prayers can be answered or if they're not, consolation can be.
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There's the windup, there's the pitch, and there's Amy by herself in the front row behind home plate at Miller Park at most home games. That's her right above the dot-com in the Brewers ad to the left of the umpire. She says she loves the Brewers and swears she never set out to be noticed. Men being what we are, it just happened. Sports radio started talking about this striking brunet last season, and then sports website Deadspin wrote about her.

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in the front row right behind the home plate of almost every home game. Her Twitter bio describes Amy as the most passionate Brewers fan.
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The Milwaukee Brewers are battling the Los Angeles Dodgers in the playoffs and the games are being nationally televised. This has led to a discovery for most male fans outside of Milwaukee. She is not. Amy is a die-hard fan. As a season ticket holder she attends around 50 games per year.




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    If you watch the Brewers on TV, you've seen Amy Williams. There's the windup, there's the pitch, and there's Amy in the front row behind home plate. has more than 12, fans, and another 8, followers chat with her on.

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