What i did for love musical

A Chorus Line - What I Did For Love Lyrics

what i did for love musical

What I Did for Love" is a song from the musical A Chorus Line It was quickly recognized for its show-business potential outside Broadway and was picked up by.

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Here is the video:. The guests were then invited up onto the stage where they mingled with their hosts, wept, hugged and sang another brief reprise of What I Did for Love as Public Theater Executive Director Oskar Eustis unveiled the model of a plaque that will be installed in the lobby of the Public marking it as the birthplace of the long-running musical about the lives of Broadway dancers. The plaque reads, "The Newman Theatre, Birthplace of the one singular sensation, A Chorus Line where every little step and thrilling combination began. And changed everything. Eustis spoke without notes from the stage, linking the two musical and putting them in a larger perspective.

It is , however, a song about passion, in this case a passion for dancing.
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September 15, pm by: clinicmatters. A Chorus Line had a huge impact on me the first time I saw it. It resonated so deeply with me, because it told the hidden stories we all have inside. Our desires, our hopes, our fears. The song What I Did For Love is sung when the chorus line is asked how they would feel if they could no longer dance. That is their life.

? Song: “What I Did For Love” — Musical: A Chorus Line. The Music of Marvin Hamlisch.

What I Did For Love

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It was quickly recognized for its show-business potential outside Broadway and was picked up by popular singers to include in their performances in their club and television appearances. Both female and male singers have made it an inclusion in their recorded albums to great effect. In the penultimate scene of the production, one of the dancers has suffered a career-ending injury. The remaining dancers, gathered together onstage, are asked what they would do if they are told they can no longer dance. Diana Morales, in reply, sings this anthem, which considers loss philosophically, with an undefeated optimism; all the dancers concur. Whatever happens, they will be free of regret. What they did in their careers, they did for love, and their talent, no matter how great, was only theirs "to borrow", was to be only temporary and would someday be gone.

SONG: “What I Did For Love.” MUSICAL: A Chorus Line. The Music of Marvin Hamlisch. (, Broadway, Original Cast Recording).
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