What is finn short for

Finn (given name)

what is finn short for

DH has declared that he sort of doesn't mind the name Finn. This is a truly glowing endorsement as it is the only name he has chosen himself.

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With roots in Irish legend and a smooth, modern sound, it is easy to see why parents have embraced Finn. There are oodles of options for a more formal version. Finn ranks in the US Top , but so do three other names that can easily be shortened to Finn. The surname means son of Finn. Finley Just a few paces behind Finnegan, Finley is an interesting one.

DH can't stand Finley/Finlay or any other variant of Finley. But what else can Finn be short for? Also spelling: Fin, Finn, Fyn?? DH did suggest.
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Finn: Getting to Finn from Griffin, Fintan & More

Here's a stylish name: Finn., Finn is generally regarded as a masculine given name.




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