What good has trump done

Trump tracker: How his first two years have gone - in eight graphics

what good has trump done

Trump reads lists of accomplishments from a piece of paper at rally

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White House hopefuls ramp up their attacks after the president's Orlando reelection rally; reaction and analysis on 'The Five. President Trump has an uncanny instinct for slogans that capture the moment. It may come from his years of experience marketing hotels, golf courses, ties, real estate developments, TV shows and other products. This motto exactly fit the mood of his supporters and mystified and enraged his opponents. Conservatives had a deep feeling that America was slipping away. It was the same worry that led to the rise of President Ronald Reagan, the presidential candidacy of Ross Perot in and , the Contract with America revolution, and the Tea Party movement.

If you watched President Donald Trump deliver his annual State of the Union address this week, you can see why the left and its mouthpieces in media lob nonstop insults against him and trash-talk his administration. It's to create a lot of noise and political theater to distract voters from Trump's many achievements since settling in at Pennsylvania Ave. In just two short years, the president's pro-growth economic policies have created 5. But those aren't the only ones benefiting from Trump's bold leadership. Unemployment for Americans with disabilities and unemployment for veterans have also reached all-time lows.

Trump Administration Accomplishments. Almost 4 million jobs created since election. More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history. We have created more than , manufacturing jobs since my election. Economic growth last quarter hit 4. New unemployment claims recently hit a year low.

A report card for Trump's economy

Marcos: Donald Trump has done bad things but he has also done good things as well. He is one of the funniest presidents.
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Fri 18 Jan If there has been one defining trait in the foreign policy of the Trump era, it is confusion — not only in the frequent gaps between the paths taken by the president and his own administration, but also in the morass of contradictions and U-turns in his own impulses. Trump has insisted on bringing back US troops from Syria and Afghanistan, but has at times shocked his advisers with a bellicosity, towards Iran in particular, that risks starting new wars. While demonising the government in Tehran, Trump has decided not to directly contest Iranian influence in Syria with US troops. He is reluctant to criticise Vladimir Putin, boosting suspicions that he is under the sway of the Kremlin. But his administration has arguably taken a tougher line against Russia than its predecessor, piling on more sanctions and supplying lethal weaponry to Ukraine. There are some themes, however, that make foreign policy in the age of Trump quite different in character from any previous administration.

In the distant, half-forgotten yesteryear of January , Donald Trump was bound to lose the next election. There was no money forthcoming for his wall against Mexico. There was, come to think of it, no federal government at all, bar the workers who toiled without pay during a shutdown of his own choosing. He had lost a defence secretary and a chief of staff within weeks of each other. Even at the time, the Trump slump struck some of us as rather routine for midterm. It has. The reluctance of special counsel Robert Mueller to indict him was another boost.


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    With Donald Trump's presidency under fire following the Mueller Report, it's worth remembering the small number of good things he has done.

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