Haunting of hill house theodora

The Haunting of Hill House

haunting of hill house theodora

Theodora Crain & Trish Park

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It was Jackson's first book to earn back its advance, and would eventually come to be known as one of the greatest ghost stories ever written. Recently, Netflix unleashed a new series loosely based on the novel, and it was well-received by longtime fans as well as new audiences that had never heard of Jackson's book. Theo has been as consistent and important to the continuing narrative and different interpretations of Hill House as the house itself, and she has been present in all the new versions of the story that have emerged over the years. Meanwhile, her importance to queer horror fans is impossible to overstate. In every appearance, Theo has been either openly or strongly implied to be queer, even in her first appearances in the late '50s and early '60s. To put it mildly, positive portrayals of a black-clad bohemian lesbian were not exactly frequent for the time.

She works as a child Psychologist where she makes use of her ability tell what other people are feeling simply by touching them. She usually wears gloves to stop this from happening.
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Theo was born to Hugh Crain and Olivia Crain. During a night in Hill House, Theo goes to the kitchen. There she discovers Luke, who is trying to use the dumbwaiter and he begs her to help him have ride in it. Instead of going up, the elevator goes down towards the basement. The dumbwaiter doesn't work anymore and Luke is stuck in the basement. Their parents enter the kitchen and angrily order Theo to leave.

When they were silent for a moment the quiet weight of the house pressed down from all around them. Eleanor, wondering if she were really here at all, and not dreaming of Hill House from some safe spot impossibly remote, looked slowly and carefully around the room, telling herself that this was real, these things existed, from the tiles around the fireplace to the marble cupid; these people were going to be her friends. Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other The Haunting of Hill House quote. The doctor sighed again. How would you leave, tonight? Hill House has a reputation for insistent hospitality; it seemingly dislikes letting its guests get away. The last person who tried to leave Hill House in darkness—it was eighteen years ago, I grant you—was killed at the turn in the driveway, where his horse bolted and crushed him against the big tree.

Theodora Crain

Theodora came to Hill House to study the paranormal because she had a fight with her roomie, and needed a place to crash while things cooled between them., Pop the champagne! Hand out the cigars!




Theodora "Theo" Crain is a major character in The Haunting of Hill House. She has two older siblings, Shirley Crain and Steven Crain, as well as two younger siblings, Luke Crain and Eleanor Crain. During a night in Hill House, Theo goes to the kitchen.
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