I m still with her

Defending Hillary: Damn Right I'm 'Still With Her' And Here's Why

i m still with her

Sia - I'm Still Here (Audio)

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Renowned photojournalist Barbara Kinney was entrusted by Sec. Clinton personally with rare and exclusive access to document her historic campaign for president. This book is presented for those who were inspired by her, those who carry forward her life's work in the mass activism we've witnessed since , and those who will someday celebrate the obliteration of all glass ceilings by looking back at one of the most persistent and resilient champions of that cause. Intimate, moving, and visually stunning, StillWithHer contains many never-before-seen photographs and the stories behind them. Signed by Barbara Kinney. Hardcover, 10 x

In an article released Monday , Nate Silver wrote that Hillary Clinton would have only a 42 percent likelihood of capturing the White House if the election were held that daya shocking number to most.
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I have to discuss why she lost the election due to, among other factors, so-called progressives failing to vote for her for largely sexist reasons. I have to posit why a new media platform, Verrit, that proudly caters to the When I first started writing about Hillary in relatively glowing terms during the primaries, it made a splash because so few were willing to go out on a limb defending her publicly for fear of disapproval, harassment, and hate. They had plenty of grist for the mill since Hillary had been in the public spotlight for over 30 years and had been savaged much of that time by right-wingers who hated her strength and trailblazing ways and ability to pick herself up and dust herself off after every setback. Conspiracy theories abounded about Hillarywho had never even been charged with a crimeand the Internet was the perfect place to disseminate these theories, which became truth in a campaign season where the mainstream media repeatedly dropped the ball on fact-checking. We now know that the Russians played a role in this as well. The Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact filled in the gap and found that Hillary was actually the most honest candidate in the presidential race even more so than saintly Bernie as it fact checked both her statements and statements made by her opponents.

Both politicians set a new standard for the next generation. Even with a racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic man as our new President, Hillary Clinton changed American democracy; girls across our nation know that one day they too can run for president and make it far. Clinton was the inspiration American girls needed. Clinton made sure the next generation of world leaders knew that their gender is not a disqualification. Maybe this election proved that bullying your way to the top is the most effective solution, or maybe this election proved that America is still incredibly racist and smothered with inequality.

Im Still With Her

Sia - I'm Still Here ?????? ????




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