Dogs with short spine syndrome

Quasimodo, The Homeless Dog With An Extremely Short Spine, Is Going To Get Surgery

dogs with short spine syndrome

It's a severe shortening of the vertebrae column/spinal column. The vertebrae are compressed giving dogs a short hunch back look.


Cuda the pit bull is one of 17 dogs with this rare condition. Cuda Cares is a unique soul with a rare disease. She is just one of 17 dogs on Earth known to have short spine syndrome. Julie LeRoy, a former animal control officer, is now the proud owner of Cuda. Already the owner of four pups, LeRoy and her husband Scott were unsure how Cuda would fit in. Because of her unusual look, Cuda often attracts comments from others while she is out on her daily walks. Instead, she has helped her family, new to North Carolina, make friends in their neighborhood by being a conversation starter.

A pooch born with half a spine is just one of 30 dogs in the world living with the condition. Cooper, a two-year-old American foxhound, lives with short spine syndrome, a genetic condition caused by inbreeding where vertebrae are fused together and compressed. The pup was rescued by animal control officers in summer , close to a suspected puppy farm in Halifax, Virginia. Animal control officers believe that the two-month-old pup was abandoned because of his birth defect. Cooper was saved by Secondhand Hounds, a shelter in Minnetonka, Minn. The brave pooch was eventually adopted by Elly Keegan, 32, and her husband Andy, 33, who live with their dogs Skylar, 13, Waylon, three, and Tuva, four. He looks like he has no neck and to look behind him he has to turn his whole body.

In , I adopted a dog with short spine syndrome, Cuda , and started researching the rare condition, which causes vertebrae along the spine and neck to fuse, shortening the spine. Dogs with short spine syndrome all share the same comical appearance, with sloped backs, elongated faces and short, thick necks. These dogs are just as mobile and healthy as any other dogs and live long, happy lives. Their stories circulated on the Internet. In March, a photo post appeared on Cuda's page for a short spine dog named Rambo who was looking for a home.

Short spine syndrome is a rare genetic condition in which a dog's spine is literally shortened. They are born this way. These dogs all share similar traits, such as.
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There's a dog out there who might, on first glance, seem like he's shrinking away from the world. But look again: Quasimodo is actually a purebred, 5-year-old German shepherd who happens to have an extremely rare disorder called short spine syndrome. And he's looking for a forever home. You may not have heard of short spine syndrome before. That's probably because there are reportedly only 13 known dogs in the world affected by the condition. Minnesota nonprofit group Secondhand Hounds, which recently took Quasi in, says on his Facebook page that he was picked up as a stray and may have lived his whole life in a kennel.

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Cuda the Hunchback Dog with Short Spine Syndrome Finds Forever Home

CNN A stunted dog with a rare condition is looking for a home. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Rare disorder earns pup 'Quasimodo' nickname

Humans are not the only ones to suffer from spinal conditions. Animals can suffer from spinal injuries, issues related to spinal degradation and can be born with spinal deformities. One example of the latter is Short Spine Syndrome , a rare condition that only about 30 dogs around the world have. Meet Cooper. Cooper is a dog with Short Spine Syndrome who was rescued in by a group called Secondhand Hounds.

A four-year-old German Shepherd named Quasimodo Quasi looks like he is shrinking because of a very rare condition called Short Spine syndrome. Because of its condition, the dog has a short spine giving him a hunched back and a shorter stature than other dogs of its breed. Living as a stray, it was taken in by Secondhand Hounds, a non-profit group that serves as an animal shelter in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. A lot of people are asking if they could adopt Quasi, but according to the Facebook page, he needs to regain strength and recover first. Lots of people are asking about adopting Mr.




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