Cool things to do with magnets

Fun Things to Do With Magnets: Cool Experiments and Tricks

cool things to do with magnets

Have a neodymium magnet? Here are a few cool things you can do with magnets that are fun and really inexpensive. Create metallic sculptures, pull iron our of.


Note: Magnets can be very dangerous for kids. They recommend adult supervision for kids under 6. Introducing Magnets to Kids: Here are some good activities to start with when introducing magnets to kids for the first time. Have the kids run and gather five items from around the house. Have a tray ready with a number of household items as well -- paper clips, plastic toys, a spoon, a pencil, eraser Once the kids come back, hand them a magnet wand and have them explore the items. What do they discover?

Here is a fun little tip for containing the mess when using iron filings and magnets with kids! I saw some neat little iron filings viewers on Amazon where the iron filings were sealed in a little plastic case, and I thought I would try making them myself. There will be a gap next to the hinge after removing the tray — be sure to seal that with tape. Seal every corner or iron filings will trickle out when you use it! Use generous amounts of tape. Hold a magnet under the CD case and watch the iron filings move! These rectangle magnets have one pole on each side they are not bar magnets.

Hey, kids! Do try these cool science activities at home! Color, connect the dots and word-search to learn about magnets in this cool activity book available both in English and in Spanish. Magnetic fields are invisibile, but with this activity you can — abracadabra — make the field lines appear! Compasses are actually very simple. If you ever forget which way is north, follow these steps to make one yourself.

We like to make unusual things into fridge magnets. And this trick has occasionally fooled folks into trying to open our fridge magnets to look for.
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Neodymium iron boron NIB magnets are usually called neodymium or rare-earth magnets. They are extremely strong, having a magnetic pull-force that is 10 times greater than ferrite magnets and 20, times greater than the Earth's magnetic field. These magnets are brittle as well as powerful and they can shatter easily. If proper care is taken when handling them, they can be put to many instructive and creative uses. Any tool with a metal handle or shaft will be held on your trousers by the magnet. If you don't want to risk ripping your trousers, make a magnetic tool belt by gluing button-size magnets to the inside of a leather belt.

This web site is devoted to magnetism and the cool experiments you can do with permanent magnets and electro-magnets. Some of the experiments are very basic - things you've done since third grade. Others are unique - perhaps you hadn't thought of doing some of these before, or had difficulty in trying to set them up. Lists of the materials needed for the demonstrations, directions on how to assemble them, instructions on how to show them, and notes on how they work are all here for you. Also shown are several cool magnetic toys you can buy.

Make a CD Case Viewer for Magnets and Iron Filings

20 Borderline Genius DIY Projects Featuring Magnets {Brilliant Ideas}

Magnets are great. There is definitely something in this collection for everyone. From decorating to keeping things in their place, these projects are amazing, and so very easy to do! Some of these are borderline genius! This magnetic calendar is the perfect kitchen accessory. Not only does it look great, it also helps you keep your life a bit more organized, and we can all use a little more organization.

I've always been captivated by the magic of magnetism. Why do strong magnets have such an attractive force? Why are certain elements magnetic, and others are not? And ever since the extra strong neodymium magnets have started appearing on the market, the fun has gotten even better! They're certainly a lot of fun to play with, but a set of neodymium magnets can leave you scratching your head. What can you do with them, other than stick things to your refrigerator?

8 Irresistible Activities to Do With Magnets

Some of them are well designed, and some of them are not. The worst offenders are electronic toys that take say half a dozen AA batteries, all of which must be inserted with the correct orientation— spring side first— and pried out, well, somehow. Rather than risk puncturing your batteries by prying them out with something pointy, just use a magnet to lift them out. Find studs in your walls. Move a magnet over the wall until it finds a screw or nail head under the paint. One of our favorite demos of all time is a homopolar motor. A magnet, a wire, a battery and a screw are all you need to make a motor spin up to 10, rpm.

What good are they if you can't do any cool things to do with magnets? On this page are some ideas for magnet tricks and fun things to do with magnets.
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