Gaming keyboard with macro keys

The best gaming keyboards 2019: premium | mechanical | wireless

gaming keyboard with macro keys

How To: Set Macros on a Razer Keyboard

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If you want to get some serious gaming done on your computer, a run-of-the-mill office keyboard isn't going to cut it. The Roccat Vulcan is a case study in how a striking aesthetic, married to great performance, can take an inventive new product far. For times when space is at a premium, either at a convention or in your home, the Logitech G Pro absolutely nails the small keyboard design. You can choose from a variety of authentic Cherry MX switches, light your keyboard up with subtle RGB patterns and control your media effortlessly, thanks to discrete keys. The keys on this inexpensive membrane keyboard do their best to mimic mechanical Red switches, and do an admirable job of it.

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Skip to main content. Keyboard with Macro Keys. In Stock. For 50 dollars you can't beat this keyboard. The RGB is very nice, you can setup the lights to scroll, to pulse, you can set how fast they scroll, you can set the colors in 3 different areas individually left, middle, and right you can make it all one color, like all Red or all blue The keys are not mechanical so don't expect the sharp click of a mechanical keyboard but they don't feel cheap either, I like it better this way because a mechanical keyboard is very noisy and I find that anoying. Great value for your money it also comes with a detachable arm rest.

Much like with the best gaming mice , a gaming keyboard can help considerably with giving you the best and most immersive gaming experience. The best gaming keyboards, unlike many other PC components and peripherals, can actually make you better at the PC games you play, especially if you've invested in a mechanical keyboard. What exactly makes the best gaming keyboard? Before you to pick up the best gaming keyboard for your needs, make sure to consider the kind of switches you want. Membrane switches might be the worst for gaming, so finding a mechanical keyboard is the most ideal. The SteelSeries Apex Pro gets our coveted 5-star rating for many reasons, the biggest of which are its stunning and solid build, custom actuation and comfortable not to mention, quiet magnetic switches.

Bottom Line: The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is a pricey gaming keyboard with an ideal blend of aesthetics and functionality that leaves little room for improvement. Bottom Line: In the Freestyle Edge RGB, Kinesis brings best-in-class ergonomics to the gaming-keyboard scene for players serious about minding their wrists and hands in the course of their gaming endurat Bottom Line: The SteelSeries Apex M is excellent for seasoned gamers who care less about bells and whistles and more about fast actuation and fine control of backlighting and key assignments. But its software could do with a touch Bottom Line: The Razer Cynosa Chroma is a versatile and inexpensive bare-bones entry-level gaming keyboard. Bottom Line: With a new kind of key switch, plus wild RGB backlighting, dedicated media keys, and a volume dial, Razer's Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard offers plenty, but for the price, it's missing a fe Bottom Line: The Roccat Horde AIMO is an inexpensive gaming keyboard that offers some great features for the price, but it has a tough time standing up to its competition.

Best gaming keyboards in 2019

BEST Budget RGB Mechanical Macro Keyboard Under $60! - K92/CK108 Keyboard review from Gearbest

Keyboard with Macro Keys

By Hayden Dingman. Games Reporter, PCWorld. Choosing a gaming keyboard is a matter of personal taste. To that point, there are a plethora of options, with a dizzying mix of features. One person could be into Cherry Browns and white backlighting. Gigantic wrist pads, compact shapes, numeric keypads, macro keys, volume controls

Best gaming keyboards: Our picks for the top budget, mid-tier, and RGB boards

Like most gaming peripherals the best gaming mouse comes immediately to mind , the competition for the crown of best gaming keyboard has heated up significantly in the past few years. Not only are we seeing a swarm of new manufacturers entering the field, existing builders are pumping out and more and more decks in an effort to claim that crucial market share. While this is bad news for Logitech and Razer, it's great news for consumers. A rising tide lift all boats, as they say, and the overall quality at the top end has improved significantly in gaming keyboards, especially for mechanical decks. Prices have largely dipped and stabilized as well, so you no longer need to remortgage your house to get your hands on a quality board with some premium features.

The best gaming keyboard isn't just a luxury item, replete with a blinding array of RGB lighting to impress your friends or your Twitch audience. A great mechanical deck can actually improve your game and, if you do any amount of office work, seriously up your WPM by optimizing your response time and putting all the essential macros you need right under your fingertips. Plus, there's just something incredibly satisfying about using a solid, beautifully designed gaming keyboard. It's a combination of the brushed, anodized aluminum, the plush comfort of a padded leatherette wrist rest, and, most importantly, the premium feel of a proper mechanical switch. It's a gorgeous, sturdy, high performance deck, this configuration of which is loaded with quiet, linear Cherry MX Red switches. So do you begin in your quest for the best gaming keyboard? Well, you've come to the right place - we selected a broad range of decks for different tastes and needs and different game genres , but all the models on this exceed a certain bar of quality.





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