Toby keith white trash with money

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toby keith white trash with money

White Trash with Money is the tenth studio album by country music superstar Toby Keith, which was released on April 11, It is Keith's first album on his own.

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It is Keith's first album on his own Show Dog Nashville label, which was distributed by Universal Music Group Nashville , the owner of Keith's catalog up to that point. The album shipped platinum, meaning one million or more units were distributed to outlets ahead of its release. It features 12 tracks, including 3 "Bus songs". Keith wrote or co-wrote all of the songs; co-writing credits go to his longtime writing partner, his friend Scotty Emerick , with several tracks also being co-written by Dean Dillon. Keith co-produced the album with Lari White. Three singles were released from it: "Get Drunk and Be Somebody", "A Little Too Late" and "Crash Here Tonight", which reached 3, 2, and 15, respectively, on the Hot Country Songs charts, making this the first studio album of Keith's career since 's " Dream Walkin' " not to produce any number one hits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Product Description. In the past two months Toby Keith has been heralded again as Billboard's top selling Country artist, positioned in a 4th national television.
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Toby Keith is in the doghouse, and from the sound of things, he won't be getting out any time soon. Keith, who lives in Norman, OK, said it was inspired by an argument between his teenage daughter, Krystal, and another girl. The other girl's mother intervened, and, to hear Keith tell it, had some harsh words for the Keith clan. I said, What's the matter, did she strike a nerve? We're multi-multi-millionaires because I sing about this very subject all the time. We're not one generation removed we're exactly what she said. That's vintage Keith, who works hard to cultivate his image as a truck-drivin', hard-drinkin' tough guy who speaks his mind.

White Trash With Money

Toby Keith really is a throwback to a different time, a time when artists came into their own after kicking around for a while, a time when the most popular artists were also restlessly creative. In other words, he hearkens back to the heyday of outlaw country, when Willie and Waylon were making their own way with records that sounded different each time out, a claim that certainly can be made with every record Keith released in the s. With White Trash with Money , he tops himself, delivering not only his fifth excellent album in a row, but his riskiest, richest record yet.





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