How to hang wreaths on windows with screens

How to Hang a Christmas Wreath on a Window

how to hang wreaths on windows with screens

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Skip to main content. Toggle navigation. We've been hanging wreaths in our windows for Christmas for as long as I can remember. Of course, the Colonial style of our house screams, "Wreaths on the windows! I'm not sure how other people get their wreaths up there, but I'm guessing it involves a tall ladder and some sort of gadget-like suction cups, nails, or command strip hooks. To that, I say, "No thank you.

There are two ways to hang wreaths and we have done both:. Dixie Delights Shop. I have used both methods — only instead of suction cups I use large command hooks. I always love the look of wreaths over windows. I know houses look so much prettier without screens but we open up our windows every chance we get. My husband also likes to sleep with the window cracked to smell the fresh air…yes even in the dead of winter. Nothing like adding to the heating bill!

But, if you have vinyl windows, you want to be a little more careful. So, we did some research and found the simplest way for you to hang wreaths from your vinyl windows without the possibility of ruining your windows. Tutorial via Charleston Grit. All Rights Reserved. How to Hang Wreaths from Vinyl Windows.

One of the many awesome things about the Dollhouse is that it gives us these great windows to decorate. And I knew without question that I wanted wreaths for the windows for Christmas.
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PennyDad, my father, is brilliant. I could never figure out how to put Christmas wreathes on our windows without massive amounts of duct tape and make them stay perched prettily in place even during the blustery December winds. Using needle-nose pliers, cut a metal coat hanger and bend it into an S-shape. The bend with the orange arrow is from the shape of coat hanger and not necessary to make the wreath stay in place. The bend we made is circled in red. Shimmy… yes, that is the technical term… the S-hook into position until the curve of the S is fitted over the frame of the window screen panel.

By Todd Fratzel on Windows. That is a question my wife posed to me as soon as we moved into our new house. Our previous home had wood siding, trim and window sashes so putting a small nail up to hold the wreaths was easy. Putting a nail into the vinyl window, trim or siding is really out of the question for me. That would leave a permanent defect in the vinyl that would end up causing moisture and thermal problems. Last year we packed up the wreaths with the ribbon still attached to them. I just opened the windows from inside the house, put the wreath out the window and closed the sash while I held the ribbon.


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