Words that rhyme with creature

'Orange' and other words that don't rhyme with anything at all

words that rhyme with creature

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This is a classic English poem containing about of the worst irregularities in English spelling and pronunciation. Will Snellen wrote a PDF version using the phonetic alphabet. You can also skip down to a more complete introduction at the bottom of this page. Pray , console your loving poet , Make my coat look new , dear, sew it! Sword and sward , retain and Britain Mind the latter how it's written. One , anemone , Balmoral , Kitchen , lichen , laundry , laurel. Tortoise , turquoise , chamois-leather , Reading, Reading , heathen , heather.

And so does Blorenge , the name of a hill in south Wales. But even if proper nouns like surnames and place names are excluded, that still leaves sporange , an obscure name for the sporangium , which is the part of a plant that produces its spores. In fact, despite often finding their way onto lists of notoriously unrhymable words, all of the words listed here do have rhymes in English—just so long as bizarre dialect words and obscure scientific jargon are allowed. Acrid rhymes with epacrid in some pronunciations , a name for any plant of the genus Epacris , most of which are found in Australia. Beige is pronounced so that it sounds more like the first syllable of Asia than it does similarly spelled words like age , gauge , stage , and rage.

Eye rhyme is a poetic device in which two words are spelled similarly but pronounced differently. It also called a visual rhyme or a sight rhyme. So, the eye rhyme is a visual phenomenon on the page, and they are appealing to the sense of sight and not to the sense of hearing. Thou art more lovely and more temperate. The writer is comparing his beloved with lovely summer days. To him, summer is the season of disappointments.

The Chaos by Gerard Nolst Trenite

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