Yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy youtube

Baccara:Yummy, Yummy, Yummy Lyrics

yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy youtube

Julie London Yummy Yummy Yummy 1969

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The idea came to me after a nice meal and more than a few bottles of wine I think we were half way through a decent brandy with my daughter and my son in law. They are both in the music industry; he is a producer and she on the legal side. Discussion was about the great progress - indeed revolutionary - made in 'popular' music in the 60s and 70s. Son in Law then listed, and it was a long list, of some of the really, really crappy hits of the era. I was embarrassed that some of us oldsters had bought this tosh. From 60s and 70s 2.

The best known songs of Ohio Express including their best scoring single, "Yummy Yummy Yummy" were actually Sign in. Watch Queue Their version reached No. Pop Singles chart in June and No.

Their version reached No. Pop Singles chart [1] in June and No. Ohio Express was a studio concoction and none of the "official" members appear on the record.
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Artists across the gamut of musical genres and styles recorded songs bearing the Lennon-McCartney imprint. Few of these non-rock artists enjoyed any notable commercial success with these attempts. By the end of the decade, the times they certainly were a-changing and many MOR middle-of-the-road singers attempted to keep up with them by recording contemporary rock and pop songs. But do you like it? But by the end of the decade, just about any song by just about any rock artist, group, or songwriter was fair game!

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The pair met at the University of Arizona whilst Jerry was on a football scholarship and Jeff was his coach. -


i got love in my tummy



Yummy song youtube





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