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cotton headed ninny muggins gif

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Elf is a holiday classic. We all like smiling, we all call our other halves cotton headed ninnymuggins and we all run around screaming Santa like an over excited five year old. Well regardless, Elf is a brilliant movie. It is exactly what a classic Christmas movie should be; funny, sweet, charming and heartwarming. Yet that is exactly what NBC have decided to do. Surprise surprise, the holiday special will be based on the Will Ferrell movie, Elf which should not be touched , and star of The Big Bang Theory , Jim Parsons, will give voice to Buddy- who was brought to life originally perfectly well by one Mr Ferrell, thank you very much. The film is narrated by Santa and follows Buddy as he travels to New York to find the father he never knew he had.

In praise of Elf, the happiest, jolliest Christmas film every to grace our cinema screens. Elf is an outstanding piece of cinematic genius, and not just because it's witty and hilarious. It's probably the most important Christmas film ever made yeh take that, It's a Wonderful Life. Where other Christmas movies might bore us a little with their saccharine message , Elf does something else. The film seems to resonate a lot with adults, perhaps because we are all Buddy the Elf on the inside- despite what our cold hearted grown up exteriors might suggest. Buddy is the child trapped in a grown ups body who does everything we wish we could do on a day to day basis without getting weird looks. We wish arguments could be solved with a snowball fight rather than having a "grown up chat".

External image. Finally figured out how to get asks aswell. I think I might be the worst tumblr user of all time. Yep that is all. I forgot my folder in my locker. Is this high school?

Christmas time is about celebrating the love and happiness around us and taking time to be present with your families and recognise the spirit that lives within everyone. Since coming alive in Christmas film Elf has become a sort of guardian of the Christmas spirit that brings out the best in all of us at this festive time. We have all embodied the spirit of Buddy at one point, and there is no denying that these Elf quotes will get your mulled juices flowing. Honour the spirit and philosophy of Buddy the Elf this Christmas an break out in full quoting madness when your feeling especially festive. We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup. You did it!

I am a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.

Elf - Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins



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